As it has become a common expectation for every business these days to have a website and social media presence online, the need for Logos and other types of graphics to use with online promotions has also increased. Navistree has several offerings to meet this need.

How do you start with a Logo design?

We typically start by talking to the client on what they wish for the Logo to communicate. Customers give us the 'ethos' of the business and what they want to Logo to capture.

Is the design an iterative process?

Yes! Once we have the initial conversation with the customer, we come back to you with about half a dozen or so Logo ideas.
The customer does some revisions, course corrections to change and make the design into exactly what they have in mind.

How many trials do you go through in a typical Logo project?

It is quite common to go back and forth about 3-5 times before the customer settles on a design that they like.

Can you put the Logos on Business Cards?

Yes, we can design a Business Card with the Logo for you. We can have the Business Cards (after you proof and approve it) printed as well and supply you with a set of cards (quantity determined by customer). Alternatively, we can provide you with a digital file that you can take to any Office Supplies store and have them print out Business cards for you.

Graphic Design requirements?

Apart from Logo Design, Navistree can help with any of your graphic designs or art work that you may require for use on Online campaigns or Social Media sites to advertise your company.