A strong, dynamic, fresh online presence is the lifeline of several businesses today. In addition to providing basic information about your company a website needs to constantly keep evolving to keep up with changes that happen almost on a daily basis with your business and product or service offerings. There are several tasks that go into this that can be easily outsourced to free you up to focus your efforts on delivery superior value to your customers. Let Navistree step in and take care of these routine tasks for you with our cost effective solutions.

Navistree can step in and support your business with any/all of the following tasks...

  1. Content Updating
  2.  Image updating and editing
  3. Content Management system Maintenance (Joomla, Drupal, etc)
  4.  News and Events updating
  5. Creating offer banners and other highlights on the Home page
  6. Maintenance of promotions ads and other commercial activities on web
  7. E-Commerce support to update product list etc…
  8. SEO and SEM
  9. Social media management, posting behalf of client and keeping company profile updated on all social media sites with daily or weekly updates.
  10. Tracking traffic to the website and generating Analytics Reports that will enable you to make crucial business decisions to stay ahead of your competition.