What does Navistree offer in the area of Web Design?

Except Flash all the rest will support all the browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.) Flash will request to download the plugin if the browser is not updated.

  • HTML/CSS: Basic website with 5 to 6 pages with good graphics. (about $300)
  • Basic Flash: This is an upper version of HTML/CSS website just by adding a Flash Banner to it, we can also add a simple Flash intro to it with about 5 slides.
  • AJAX/JQuery/JavaScript Websites: this is a modern website with drop down menus, scrolling pages, Full screen Gallery... and such features.
  • Full Flash: This is built completely with Adobe flash technology good to use when animations are required.($400+ depending on animations required)
  • PHP/MySql: A complete dynamic website best involving e-commerce website, blogs and social networking websites, Online Publishing Portals etc…
  • CMS(Content Management Systems): These are based on the CMS tecnologes available such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress… etc we help in installation, create custom templates, select required modules and components and update and manage content. (If you want to manage the site we can hand over the controls to you)
  • SEO/SEM: Search Engine optimization service is available.
Our working method:

We start with designing the most creative concepts based on clients references or idea inputs, once the design is selected we use the appropriate technology’s to develop the concept and deliver after testing in server.