Navistree exists to create value for the customer through strategic global partnerships.

At Navistree, our Vision is not a cold corporate statement that was put together in a couple of hours at a company offsite meeting. It is not a collection of words that were put together because it 'sounds good'. For us our Vision is what keeps us up at night because we are so excited about the possibilities of making the right connections. It motivates us on a daily basis and serves as a Compass for where we go as a company. It is a message that we have internalized and encourage our employees and partners to do so as well. Being authentic is at the foundation of anything we undertake.


How does this Vision translate into Mission and day to day action? Here are some key drivers for how we conduct business.

  1. Driven by our Vision and Passion, we evaluate each opportunity that comes our way to ensure that we deliver what we promise.

  2. Strive for excellence in everything we attempt.

  3. Treat each Customer with Dignity, Honesty and Integrity.

  4. While we wish to be successful, simultaneously we aim to offer a hand up to each of our employees.

  5. Committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

  6. Committed to earning your repeat business and your 'word of mouth' recommendation.