Training sessions directed at Indian Corporate employees that interact with western clients on a day to day basis or have to go on foreign assignments. The intent of the program is to promote understanding and gain an appreciation for the cultural differences and promote stronger relationships.

A sample Agenda is listed below


1. Definitions and Foundations
  • Definition of culture, why is this important?
  • Worldview and its importance in how people make decisions
  • Broad differences between Eastern and Western thinking
2. Specific Tips on Differences between East and West

The following are some representative topics (not comprehensive)

  • Hierarchy
  • Shaking of the head
  • Dignity of Labor
  • Dealing with women
  • Time Management
  • Attention to detail
  • Dress code
  • Table Manners
3. Addressing Customers, Senior Management, Americans in general
  • Use of First and Last names
  • When to use titles like Mr. or Dr. etc.
  • Addressing women appropriately
4. Conversational Topics
  • What is considered inappropriate conversation topics
  • What is considered offensive by Americans
  • Tips on acceptable topics for general conversation
  • Relationship building
5. Differences in usage of English
  • British English vs. American English
  • Indian expressions that are highly unique to India
  • Words that don’t exactly mean the same thing
6. American Phrases, Expressions and Slang