India is well known globally for the Services segment and annual revenues are approaching $100 Billion. There are multiple companies with very similar offerings operating in a rather crowded market. Customers have an abundance of choices when it comes to outsourcing their Service business. However companies in this segment quite often need to evaluate how to differentiate themselves from the competition to be able to keep or grow their existing business. Customer Service and Attention to Detail plays a major role in this. This module covers the following topics in this area...

  1. Cultural aspects of Customer Service
  2. How to go from merely satisfying the customer to anticipating needs and delighting the customer
  3. Lessons from other cultures and countries in Customer Service
  4. Pride involved in performing a task that you can sign your name to
  5. Many small tasks done well all adds up to a good result
  6. Small tasks done consistently and repeatedly display professionalism
  7. Customers (especially western clients) notice the small things
  8. A company that pays attention to the details gives a Customer little reason to look around for other players
  9. Importance of checklists in ensuring quality
  10. Importance of written instructions and procedures