Good communication is and will continue to be high on the list of desirable qualities for employees in Corporations worldwide. With the increasing use of Text Messages, Social Networks, Twitter and Instant Messaging programs, traditional communication has gone through considerable evolution and traditional ways of communicating have been altered (not always in positive ways). This course will address various elements of Communication in the Corporate environment with exercises, Role plays and examples directed at improving communication and bringing in some global standards to it. The following are some key areas that will be addressed


still remains the most widely used method of communication today. Most of us get far more email on a daily basis than we can cope with. Here are some elements that require focus and attention when it comes to Email.
Addressing Senior Management and Customers
Prioritizing Email and how to deal with it
Who goes on the To: portion and who goes on the Cc: portion
When to send an email and when it is better to pick up the phone
What not to say in Email
Spelling and Grammar in email
Addressing information that is confidential when it comes to Email
Managing volumes of Email and Archiving
Out of Office message when you need to be away

Phone Communication

When is it appropriate to use the phone as opposed to other means of communication
Do you call someone on their Office phone or Mobile?
What time of the day is it appropriate to call?
Separation between Work life and Personal time
Leaving a short, precise voicemail when someone is unavailable

Instant Messenger communication

Which program to use, what is acceptable, professional?
When is it appropriate to interrupt someone?
How long should the exchanges be?
Spelling and Grammar usage in Instant Messenger

Global Conference calls

Awareness of Time zones and meal or break times in different countries
Awareness of who is going to be on the call, designation and role in the project
Punctuality and preparedness for the Meeting
Frequency of meetings, who takes the Minutes, who moderates?
How to ensure your questions and issues are brought to the discussion
Ensuring that the meeting ends on time. Ensuring Action items are assigned.

Mobile phones and Text Messages

Smart Phones have penetrated every aspect of the Corporate world. How do we ensure appropriate usage to enhance productivity?
Use of Smart Phones during important meetings
Appropriate use of Text messages
Expectations on responses to emails due to increased use of Smart Phones