Employees usually dont quit companies, they quit working for Managers that they dont like. The Manager becomes the face of the Company. This module covers the all important subject of Leadership in detail and brings emphasis to the areas mentioned below

  1. Leadership is not developed by attending a course or seminar but by long term grooming and nurturing of the right talent
  2. Changing models of Leadership in the 21st century
  3. To call yourself a Leader one must have 'willing followers'
  4. Partnership, empowerment and cooperation - building these qualities in your followers
  5. Concepts of Flexibility, Focus, Fostering and Family and their importance in Leadership
  6. Differences between Hard Power and Soft Power, how does an effective Leader wield this power?
  7. Myth - Leadership is only for a select few people with connections in high places
  8. Importance of having a Vision, articulating a Vision, helping people 'internalize' the Vision
  9. Character elements and Skill elements involved in Leadership
  10. Group Exercises in identifying qualities essential to becoming a Leader