What are some typical examples of Audio files requiring Transcribing?

Lectures, Seminars, Interviews, Depositions (Legal)

How are some typical ways in which Audio Transcripts are used?
  1. Provides a way for people that were not present to look up the information
  2. For everyone, it provides a way to review what was said
  3. Provides for the ability to conduct a 'text' search on key words or phrases
  4. Provides ways in which one can quickly determine (through a word count) if a certain word (for example - Healthcare) was used more often than others in the talk
  5. Make the lecture or interview available on a public of private website available for download to a group of people
What are some typical business segments in which Audio Transcription is used?
  1. Universities
  2. TV, Radio and other Media stations
  3. Authors and Publishing companies
  4. Research Scholars that conduct interviews of subjects
  5. Lawyers that conduct interviews of witnesses, defendants etc.
  6. Public companies that provides Earnings Reports on a quarterly basis
What do you charge for Audio Transcription?

Our rates for the service are approximately $9.00/hour. Turnaround times are roughly 3-5 business days. Rates are higher for shorter Turnaround times.
To make things simple, the rate works out to roughly $1 per minute of audio ($60 per hour). Most people are comfortable in looking at it this way.
Typically 1 hour of audio translates into 7 hours of work (this involves - downloading the file from the customer, listen and type, quality check, upload and deliver)

What File formats do you work with to carry out Audio Transcription?

Input formats we handle are .WAV, .WMA and .MP3 files

How can I transfer files to you?

We generally recommend using wetransfer.com
This is a very simple interface that provides a link that can be used to download the file at the other end

How do I receive the Transcribed file?

Most customers are happy receiving the output as a Word Document. This is sent as a File attachment in an email.

How do you get paid?

PayPal in USD is our most preferred method of getting paid.