The importance of communicating ideas in 3D
  • More and more people relate to video and 3D these days
  • Accessibility of sophisticated 3D Tools like SketchUp has raised the bar in expectations
  • Not everyone has time to learn to use a 3D Modeling tool, perhaps you have more important things to attend to
  • Do you have the need to create several 'what if' scenarios?
  • Do you wish you could change a design at the last moment or make changes while discussing it with a customer?
  • Are you unable to get your designs across to a customer using 2D Plan & Elevation drawings on PDF?
  • Are you looking to outsource your SketchUp projects at a competitive cost?

Our Google SketchUp services may be used by anyone with a design idea, including architects, real estate companies, engineering firms and furniture designers. We specialize in using Google SketchUp 3D software. Outsourcing yourSketchUp work to us gives you the flexibility in managing your workloads.

Just some of the ways you can benefit from our Google SketchUp services
  • Storyboards: See how light and camera angles play in your scenes
  • Furniture Design: See (rather than imagine) how your furniture fits into spaces
  • Visual Communication: Simplify! Get complex images across with ease
  • Game Studio: Speed up game development with 3D level designs
  • Google Earth: Enable your potential customers to see the exact location of your building
  • Graphic Art: Create works of art in complete detail
  • House Brochures: Enhance your real estate brochure with SketchUp and Adobe Photoshop
  • Standard image library - Are there certain types of images that you use repeatedly? Can we create a library for you so you can simply 'drag and drop' them into your presentations?
  • Animations - We can animate our SketchUp models and provide you with short videos that will illustrate what you are trying to show to your customers or put it up on YouTube.
  • Interior Design: Know exactly how your interior will look in reality
  • Landscape Drawing: Create 3D walkthroughs of your landscape for presentations
  • Mechanical Services: Ensure your industrial product is perfect before expensive manufacture; make a more effective sales presentation with product features clearly detailed
  • Medical Drawing: Communicate a complex medical product with clarity
  • Model Development: Get ready to use as well as customized models for your projects, be it gaming software, presentations, or human figures to add scale to your interior.