General Background

Supplier Assessment (or Evaluation) is a term used by Purchasing Departments or Businesses to evaluate and approve potential Suppliers by quantitative assessment. It provides many benefits that will mitigate risk against poor Supplier performance or Quality failures. These are typically carried out with a Customer provided Questionnaire against which Suppliers are assessed, compared and rated. The end result is to make an informed choice of a Supplier that adheres to international best practices and Quality standards.
This is carried out through Phone interviews, Site visits and a thorough evaluation of various aspects of a Suppliers business as listed below.

What are some typical areas that can be covered?

Our resources can help in several of the following areas.

  1. Capacity - Does the Supplier have the capability and infrastructure to produce the required Capacity
  2. Raw Material sources and ease of availability
  3. Factory Location and accessibility by road, rail, airports etc.
  4. Factory Infrastructure.
  5. Emphasis on Health & Safety. Compliance to H&S measures that have been implemented.
  6. Shopfloor layout, Quality Inspections, Adherence to Processes outlined.
  7. Error Proofing and fail safe mechanisms
  8. Management and Organizational Chart. Empowerment of staff to perform tasks that they are responsible for.
  9. General Employee morale, training and mentoring programs.
  10. Quality related approvals and certifications. Discipline in following these norms. Internal audits.
  11. Clarity of communications with external parties.
  12. Control they have over Contractors and Sub-Suppliers
  13. Commitment to continuous improvement and lessons learned being implemented.
  14. Hunger for new business opportunities. Willingness to satisfy the customer.