General Background

Third party audits provide a credible verification system to the entire supply chain and ensure adherence to agreed rules of engagement. These inspections and audits provide retailers / buyers and OEMs confidence in the quality of the suppliers that they work with as well as the reliability on the products that are sourced from these suppliers. In several cases after a product has gone into mass production sub supplier issues may come up that affect the rate of production and put constraints on the volumes that were previously agreed to. Perhaps a product that could have been manufactured comfortably in a single shift operation is now running into 2 shifts and Overtime costs and labor constraints that were not part of the equation to start with.

What are some typical areas that can be covered?

Navistree resources can help in several of the following areas.

  1. Is the Supplier working to a Control Plan? Does the product go through the various stages as planned or are there 'short cuts' being used?
  2. Can carry out a 'Run at rate'. This is typically associated with the Automotive Industry but applies to any industry that requires volume production. Does the Supplier facility have the capacity to produce product at a rate that will meet your customer needs? 
  3. Regulatory requirements that need audits to be carried out periodically?
  4. Focus on specific areas such as Safety, Statistical Process Control, Scrap rates, Containment and Rework procedures
  5. Audits after a major Quality spill to ensure Corrective actions have been implemented
  6. If you have carried out a Gap assessment and laid out a road map to achieve 100% quality periodic audits may be required.