What is Liaison Engineering support?

Several Corporations have a supply base in India that requires monitoring (unbiased third party) from time to time to ensure that the objectives are being progressed and met. India is quite a vast country with Manufacturing spread over several hubs (depending on Industry segment) all over the country. Transportation infrastructure is far from global standards and getting from place to place can be challenging and time consuming. Languages, Culture and communication are also specific to region and often challenging for a Foreigner to negotiate all by themselves. The need for a Liaison Engineer that knows the lay of the land and is able to communicate effectively is therefore quite important and vital.

Not all companies have the financial capability to afford a full time resource in India. Perhaps the amount of your total purchase from India does not justify employing a full time resource in India.

What are some typical needs for Liaison support?

Navistree can help with several of the following areas to 

  1. A key program or product in development that requires periodic monitoring to ensure milestones are being met.
  2. If your need for support is up and down and not predictable.
  3. Say you have a 1 day visit to a Supplier. If a resource has to travel from the US to India (for example) the travel time alone will be 24 hours each way. Add to this the Flight costs, Visa requirements, Medical vaccinations, local accommodation costs, Jetlag etc. In effect you will have to set aside a week of a valuable resource from what their regular job. Navistree can provide a resource at a fraction of the cost and at greater frequency and flexibility.
  4. Vendor Management - Is your vendor telling you 'exactly what you want to hear on the phone' and reality seems to be completely different?
  5. Are you incurring Premium Freight for your shipments because of a 'quantity' problem? Are there bottlenecks with sub-suppliers?
  6. An unbiased third party can sometimes provide you with more accurate accounts of what is happening at the ground level.