What does Navistree offer in the area of Sourcing?

Through the years Navistree has developed key relationships with credible players in several areas of Manufacturing. Can put you in contact with the right players through customized match-making.

Why should I use Navistree when it comes to Sourcing Support?

Apart from the strength of providing you with a carefully selected manufacturing partner, Navistree can help with the entire process from initial meetings to prototypes and validaton to volume production and beyond. Ability to speak multiple languages and periodic visits to the supplier to ensure that milestones are being met.

What are some typical segments Navistree is able to handle in Sourcing?
  1. Machining
  2. Assemblies
  3. Plastic Injection
  4. Casting (gravity)
  5. Casting (Pressure Die Cast Aluminium)
  6. Stamping
  7. Fabrication
  8. Forging (Warm and Cold)
How does India compete with China when it comes to Manufacturing?

Most products for which the volumes are high China (in general) could be more competitive in price. India however, has an advantage when it comes to smaller volumes and more complex parts. Attention to detail can be greater and communication is easier.

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