UK Aerospace Market

Aerospace is a true economic engine for the UK. It has the 2nd largest Aerospace market in the world next to the USA. This sector in the UK is a leader in high-value manufacturing industry and drives much technological innovation. Annual Revenues are in excess of £25 Billion now. Navistree has actively been involved in the Aerospace segment in the UK for the past 2 years identifying companies that are interested in ventures that require international collaboration and low cost country sourcing initiatives.

The following are some key aspects of the Aerospace business in UK

  • Major Global Players like BAE Systems, Rolls Royce, Augusta Westland, EADS, GE Aviation, GKN, Cobham, Messier Dowty, Martin Baker, Lockheed Martin all have major presence in the UK
  • Mature base of Suppliers that have formed an ecosystem around the majors mentioned above
  • Mature Technology, impressive customer portfolio, customer and regulatory approvals
  • While the Defense segment is shrinking the Commercial Aviation segment is growing
  • 2600 Companies spread across UK that support over 100,000 direct jobs
  • Increasing Export focus of the Aerospace sector (over 70%)