Corporations globally are increasingly looking to M&A and JV activity as a Corporate growth strategy. Private equity and deal making of this nature has consistently been in the range of $50 Billion annual when it comes to India for the past 3-4 years. A sizable chunk of this is cross border deals. Navistree has particularly been active in the segment of Aerospace and Medical Equipment. In most cases activity of this nature are similar to a arranging marriage, where it goes through several phases before the parties concerned reach a point where a deal can be signed. The need for confidentiality, discretion, clear communication, NDA's that need to be signed, Due Diligence processes, raising of Private Equity, Sales & Revenue forecasts etc. The following are some key areas that Navistree can provide support to ensure that this long and complicated process can go forward smoothly.

  1. Outlining the profile of the type of company that needs to be sought for an acquisition or JV
  2. Seeking to obtain a 'long list' of possible companies that fit the requirement
  3. Contacting and speaking to the key decision makers at the companies
  4. Sharing background information on both parties, getting NDA's out of the way
  5. Arranging conference calls between the owners
  6. Site visits and assessments to determine capabilities, management structure, motivation levels of staff, future plans, customer relationships
  7. Identifying points of synergy and ways to move forward
  8. Agreeing upon range of EBITDA multiples for valuation
  9. Due Diligence process support
  10. Deal making
  11. Integration and Liaison activity for the 2 companies to become 1 post deal signing